viernes, 2 de marzo de 2012

Today I am here asking for help!

Hey guys how are you?. I hope good!.
Today I am here asking them some help, it's just if they can collaborate and help a friend of mine. It is very important for me to try to help you achieve your dream. he need to get "I like it" and comments on your page.

Please help me, it only takes a few seconds

This is his page:


jueves, 1 de marzo de 2012

The Unleashed

Hey guys, how are you?
Here another horror movie. a particular style. very good. and that makes me want to see it as soon have the opportunity
I hope you like

Madison Kennard, a troubled woman dealing with her dark past, must venture home after an 8 year absence following her mother's death. Almost instantly after her return, Madison must cope with the haunting memories of a childhood best forgotten. Lindsay, a childhood friend of Madison's with an adventurous past, hears of Madison's arrival and has every intention of reconnecting a friendship once had. Bizarre and unexplainable events occur within the house after old friends come together and dabble with the infamous Ouija board. With the help of Andrew Porter, a renowned writer and expert on paranormal phenomena whom she met by chance, Madison soon discovers that there is more to the board than she realized and must uncover truths of her family's past to contain what had been unleashed.