miércoles, 29 de febrero de 2012

The Devil Inside

Hey guys, how are you?
Here another horror movie. stylish as paranormal activity. and a topic that does make more of a shake.
acceptable script and good trailer
I hope you like

In Italy, a woman finds herself in a series of unauthorized exorcisms while trying to discover what happened to her mother, who seems to have killed three people while they did their own exorcism.


9 comentarios:

  1. The worst thing is that woman with the lip is Muslim.

  2. I think I like the sounds of this one too Damon, damn there's a lot of good films out right now, it's tough to get the time to see them all.

  3. nope, just nope. I like sleeping at night, things like this don't help that.

  4. I remember thinking this looked kind of cool (considering it's another found footage type flick) but I heard it was "eh". No rush to see it now.

  5. Thats creepy and weird! I like this movie! Looks like it will be good!

  6. he he, I'm with Convictus above :)