martes, 21 de febrero de 2012

Jack and Jill

Hey guys, how are you?.
Today I bring this film to see it in a while and laugh freely.
I hope you like it


Jack (Adam Sandler) is a parent who has to face a difficult problem: the arrival of Christmas to his hated sister Jill. To make matters worse, which in principle would be to visit a few days, takes longer than expected, forcing Jack and Jill to try to mend fences.


8 comentarios:

  1. Adam Sandler as a girl? Wicked! I'm gonna love seeing this!

  2. I don't know, Adam Sandler has kind of lost his humor, over the years.

  3. This film makes me want to die, it comes from a place where comedy has gone to die, a whimpering miserable death.

  4. Doesn't sound too great to me man but you never know! Could be really good

  5. Adam Sandler? Oh, please say it ain't so!
    Plus, I have a hard time picturing the guy who starred as a cartoon in "Eight Crazy Nights" and sang the Hanukkah song celebrating Christmas.
    Then again, we can buy Neil Patrick Harris actually liking women....
    Ah, the magic of Hollywood.
    But, seriously, Adam Sandler?