jueves, 23 de febrero de 2012

Tower Heist

Hey guys, how are you?.
Today I bring you this movie is very funny, very good.
I hope you like it

An unscrupulous billionaire (Alan Alda) has defrauded employees leaving them broke, so they headed for the building manager (Ben Stiller) in which he lives, decide to get even attempting to rob his home, a luxury apartment located in the attic of one of the skyscrapers of the city.


4 comentarios:

  1. It looks like it has a ton of stars in it. I'll give it a watch!

  2. Tower Heist sounds so good to me man, especially because I really like Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller, sounds awesome to me at least!

  3. This looks like an awesome movie! Ben stiller looks great in it (even though I don't always like him) and Eddie Murphy is always great! I'm gonna have to see this one!

  4. seemed silly, and had two actors I cannot stomach.